You hold on to our kisses with your breath

Daddy said, telling me that’s how He knew i was His girl forever…

A kiss says alot i think. Daddy’s kisses are intoxicating to me.

He will grab me out of the blue, pull my hair back so i am peering up at Him, gaze into my eyes, i melt. my insides begin to tremble. He will stroke my cheek, while still pulling my head back. Then very slowly… His lips start to come closer, i eagerly await… my breath will draw in. i can feel myself leaning up to meet His lips… He pulls my head back more… “eager lil girl… be patient.” i’m hungry for those lips… needing them.

He starts to move closer again, my lips part… waiting.. my body completely alive for His lips on mine. He will tease my lips, softly brushing them with His lips… i’m wet.. i want Him. He toys with me. He begins to softly kiss me, tongue teasing me… i eagerly kiss Him… He pulls my hair back… “soft babygirl” Our lips start the dance of desire… kisses so soft.. so playful.. my eyes closed.. i want Him.. i am His. i am lost in His kiss…

He pulls back… i am lost in air leaning forward … wanting more… my breath caught in my chest… lost somewhere… yearning for Him… out of breath…His lips lingering on mine.. wanting for Him… wet… my body aching for Him.

He chuckles.

i hold onto our kisses with my breath… and yes i am His girl… forever.