Vibrating Panties

Looking for a way to spice things up in or outside of the bedroom? Maybe you want to allow your partner to control when, and where you experience pleasure? There are many reasons ladies grab a pair of vibrating panties. Some are simple reasons, such as holding things in place while having hands free to do other stuff, to public play.

These vibrating panties guide will cover what vibrating panties are, what makes them so fun, what to look for, and what to avoid. We’ll follow up with a few popular options to get you started.

Vibrating Panties, What Are They?

Some refer to them as vibrating panties, some call them pleasurable crotch protectors. No matter what you want to call them, they are simply panties that, well, vibrate!

vibrating panties

Vibrating panties come in various styles, from lace and cloth to synthetic fabrics and leather, just like other types of undies. The difference is, they are equipped with a small vibrator, generally bullet vibrators. The vibrator is positioned in the front of the panty, this way it positions directly over the clit and labia.

This is the basic concept, there are pros and cons, which we will cover further down. There are also different types, styles and designs, some have dildos attached, or you may prefer an option with removable attachments.

Now that we have covered the basics of what vibrating panties are, let’s get a little more detailed and explain the why, what and where to buy them.

Why Vibrating Panties?

Why not? When you are wanting to get off, it’s not always simple to pull out a not so discreet toy, pull off your pants and go to town, and you may not always have your partner at disposal. However, vibrating panties provide the ability to wear throughout the day, around the house or anywhere. Then, when the mood hits simply turn them on (usually with a wireless control).

Of course, there is always the fun of allowing your partner to control your panties throughout the day. Many have a limited range, but there are higher end options which offer much larger distances, and some can be controlled via phone from anywhere!

Because most vibrating panties are equipped with wireless controls, there are no messy wires to get tangled in. They are also very quiet, often not heard if sitting. Makes you wonder, how many ladies were wearing these things during the premier of Fifty Shades of Grey?

What to Look For

Like with anything you buy, you want to research first and make sure you understand your wants and needs. You also want to consider a few things, such as size, location, and goals. Let’s go over what to look for.

Vibrating Panty Sizes

Like with any other clothing you want to know your size, and get the perfect fit. Because you’re going to have an added budge in your panties, this is even more important. If you get a pair that is too large, you’re going to find it more difficult to hole your little vibrating buddy in position. In fact, with the perfect fit you shouldn’t have to worry about holding it in at all.

However, if you go for a pair that is too tight, you will not be comfortable, and this can result in a poor experience. You want something that is fitting, snug, but not too tight.

Location and Position

Ok, you figured out your size, but the next thing to look at is the positioning of the crotch and/or vibrator. You do not want to forget to look at this because when you get home and try it out, you will be disappointed to find the panties fit, but the design is not in the correct location.

To figure this out, determine the position of your clitoris. Obviously, we know the general location, but women can be a little different here, and not all vibrating panties are right for all. If the location of your clitoris is a little furthermore, make sure the panties you pick hold the vibrator higher up. Likewise, if your lady bits sit a bit further back, ensure to pick a pair that holds the toy more towards the back.

Note: There are some vibrating pantie that allow you to adjust the position of the toy. These also have their pros and cons, mentioned below.

Vibrating panties Pros & Cons

While there are many pros to vibrating panties, there is always cons to everything (sadly, nothing seems perfect for everyone). Let’s explain:

Positive Stuff

As stated, pleasure is amazing from these bad boys.

You will find many more opportunities to spice up the bedroom fun.

When life just needs more, these can be used in public rather discreetly.

Comes in many types, from harness style that holds the vibrator, allowing it to be removed for easy cleaning. There’s the all-in-one options, and there’s attachable options for others to change things up.

Vary in functions, some only have a few while others have 10, 12, even more.

Higher end products can be controlled from anywhere in the world, using a mobile app that allows full customization over each session.


Negative Stuff

When wearing your vibrating panties, you may encounter a few downsides. Some of the following can be avoided by conducting your research ahead of time, but others are just part of life.

Poor Fit

If panties do not fit just right, you can run into issues with the vibrator falling out of his harness. This can be avoided by using pair that has the vibrator built in, but that comes with its own set of downsides. Solid vibrating panties can be harder to wash, after all you wouldn’t toss your toy in a washing machine, right? This means more time hand washing and care. Also, if you need to reposition the toy so it is located just right, you are limited when the toy is stitched into place.


Although many have great experiences with wearing vibrating panties for all sorts of activities, many find it a hassle. Even if the panties fit right, and you have found the perfect position for your toy, too much movement always risks the chance of it falling out or moving. This downside can be reduced by finding the perfect fit and position in a solid vibrating panty, but it’s not recommended to wear these things while playing tennis, running track, you get the idea.


Although many are very quiet, some are not so discreet. This is an area to research prior to purchasing if you desire public and/or discreet play. Also remember, when sitting down the sounds will be muffled out by your body mass, but when standing, walking, and especially bending over the vibrator will be louder, simple logic really. So, if you’re wearing your vibrating panties around the office, you may not want to have it on while going to the copy machine or picking up a pen, that is if you want to stay discreet.

Battery Life

You need to consider battery life. This is unavoidable, all toys will either require a battery change or a charge at some point. However, by researching first you can get an idea of the average battery life or time between charges.


Finally, the last major downside is moisture. After all, if you are wearing vibrating panties you’re likely doing so to get off, or at the very least tease yourself for later. This will cause moisture. Depending on how wet you get, this may become noticeable. Obviously if you’re using it in privacy of your home this isn’t an issue, but if your plan is public play, you want to consider this before buying.

Some Popular Options

Lovense Lush

lovense lush

One of the most popular, if not THE most popular option on the market right now is the Lovense Lush. It’s a pretty pink color and works with any pair of panties, meaning you do not have to shop for that perfect fit, you likely already have that at home.

It’s designed so that it can be inserted, and the tail lays in the crotch of your panties which you can positioned as needed. This makes it a great option for anyone.


  • Great strength
  • Decent value for the technology offered
  • Looks elegant
  • Long battery life


  • When worn with cloths, range is reduced

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2 Panty

This is an option that is quickly gaining popularity in the vibrating panty market, and OhMiBod is a top brand in the industry. If you’re looking for more than your basic functions, this is one to check out for sure. Let’s check out why.


  • Comes with panty with pouch holder
  • Sound activated – Allows you to feel the beat of your favorite music
  • Discreet and quiet
  • Five vibration modes
  • Has 20ft range
  • Battery lasts up to 4 hours



  • Panty may not fit just right for you
  • Not waterproof