Tulips… His lips… her lips…


Taking her by the hand
Slowing undressing her
her hair falling around her face
His lips softly brushing her neck
Soft sighs escaping her lips

His lips finding hers
Softly tasting
He lays her out before Him
Inhaling her scent
She trembles with anticipation

He holds a red tulip
He brushes it across her lips
The softness of the petals
she feels the silkiness on her breasts
her nipples become erect

she feels His lips
In line with the petals
From one nipple to the other
she sucks in her breath
As tremors inside her begin

Tulips down her tummy
His lips following the path
Tulips brushing her two lips below
Silky sensations ignite
His lips are not far behind

His lips now on her lips below
Butterflies take flight in her soul
Her hips moving with His lips
A rhythm of passion
A song they’ve made their own

His lips possess her
Knowing she is owned
Moans escape her lips
While His lips take control
Over her two lips below

From her lips
His name escapes
In a moment of bliss
she is forever changed
By His lips

From her lips is a cry of passion
As His lips lost in desire
He softly kisses
her two lips below
As her lips whisper “i love You”

He moves up her body
His lips in a smile
The joining of their lips
Where she then tastes
her two lips from below

He takes her hand
Leaving behind
The place of such passion
The place of desire
But there lies…

The petals… of tulips…