Super Busy


It’s the holiday season and i am finally getting over my sicknesses… i spent most of November sick. Now i am plunging into my work. Trying to build my business and i am getting very excited about it.

Daddy & i are doing well. Although He is sick now, my poor Daddy! i am coming up on making some major changes for my work. Some stuff went down a few weeks ago and an opportunity landed in my lap without my even looking. i believe in there are no coincidences, and this was definitely heaven sent from someone watching over me. *smiles* THANK YOU! i am very excited and nervous at the direction i am going. All in a good way. i am relocating my business and the environment is so much more conducive for my line of work. i am stepping further into my role of being my own business. Daddy has been a huge player in all this… supporting me, giving me ideas (and yes i know sometimes my red-headed irish stubborness sneaks out) but i appreciate ALL HIS SUPPORT and i know how fortunate i am to have someone like Daddy with all His business experience in my court.

Having been sick in Nov. my sex drive came to a halt. i was tired all the time, worn out, not feeling good and when i wasn’t working, or taking care of the kids, or cleaning up, i curled up with a book and dozed off. Daddy is a night owl, so when He comes to bed i am out like a light and it’s like the lightbulb completely burnt out. Now i am feeling better and He is sick, coughing is His worst thing right now. Then of course i get my period blah sighs i miss Daddy’s hands on me, pushing me down into the mattress and pulling, twisting my nipples, yanking down my panties and forcing His fingers inside me…. all the while whispering in my ear asking if His lil girl likes to be fucked. *fans self* just thinking about how hot it is. Maybe i’ll have to write another story, it’s been awhile since i’ve written one.

With being sick over November i haven’t felt too submissive, i’ve just wanted to sleep, and rest. It was hard trying to juggle kids, and a few of them were sick in Nov as well, which didn’t help. I tried not to reschedule too many clients either, i tried to stay on top of that but some days i just couldn’t do it. November could have been a very busy month for me if i hadn’t gotten so sick… so this month i’ve kicked up my marketing a bit… i have Christmas presents to buy! Daddy & i aren’t going to exchange gifts this year… and i’ve already gotten my gift from my oldest son. Which by the way was such a much needed wonderful surprise. He did GOOD. He came and got my car one day and put a full set of new tires on it and gave it a tune up as well. He works in that field so He knows what He is doing and He always makes sure my car is up to His standards lol

i have to say… i am one lucky girl to have a Daddy like mine, that helps me so much with my business and a very lucky mom to have been blessed with the children i have… This Holiday Season i am extremely grateful for family.