starting the day


“baby you teased Me last night, asking if you could spend the night with your Daddy… then fell asleep on the couch before 10pm”

sighs that i did… i love when He will say to me… “lil girl can you spend the night?” i know i am in for some wild hot fucking… so that is what He said to me this morning after coffee, sitting in our office… that i teased Him and fell asleep.

He got up from His chair, went over closed and locked the office door, undid His pants and commanded me to my knees. To which i obeyed… dropping to my knees and taking His already hard cock into my mouth. Using my tongue as He likes (which reminds me i need to do an update on my past assignment of cocksucking) He ordered me to get on His cock and i eagerly did so. my feet on either side of Him… fucking His cock for awhile. He ordered me to suck His cock and tasting my own pussy juices…

He then bent me over my head in my chair, ass in the air and fucked me from behind until He came… i can also tell when He is about to cum… His cock gets so hard which makes me cum even harder…

That’s just a preview of what is to come tonight… i can’t wait.

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