So it would seem

I haven’t posted here in awhile. Sorry about that. Life has been busy and yet life has been slow in other areas! Daddy & i are doing great. Of course there are always bumps in the road but we are very much in love. i was just saying to Him this morning as i laid in His arms… “There is nothing like falling into bed with the Man you love, having Him wrap His arms around you, holding you all night… i have never felt so loved, so protected and so safe.”

i told Daddy i need to start posting again. He agrees. This week we are without children, my break this month… whew! Last night was spent on reconnecting without children here. i love role-playing with Daddy, i love being His naughty lil girl who He uses up. i love surrendering to Him, not always easy with children around. Last night He took me, used me up and left me breathless…. tonight… mmmmmmm i’m hoping He’ll do it some more… i might just have to dress up for Him… smiles