Sleeping with Daddy

Silently i creep into Daddy’s room, crawling into bed beside Him. i whisper “Daddy, i’m cold tonight, can i sleep with You?” “My baby is cold tonight? Snuggle Me baby and I’ll warm you up.” Pulling me close to Him, the warmth of His body against mine. It feels good.

“you know baby, if you sleep with Daddy, what is Daddy’s first rule?”
“i have to sleep naked” i can’t look Him in the eye, shyness takes over. i take off my tshirt.

“Panties too baby…you know better” He tugs at them. i slip those off and quickly get under the covers.

“you know baby, I will make you do naughty things.” Daddy says. “What kind of things Daddy?”, i reply, all of a sudden feeling very shy, and i feel a butterfly jump in my tummy.

“Like play with Daddy’s penis”, He says. i hide my face in His chest and whisper, “but i like playing with Daddy’s penis, is that bad?”

“It is baby, but it’s our secret, right?” he breaths into my ear. i softly respond “yes Daddy, i’ve not told anyone.” “Good girl.”

He pulls me closer to Him, taking my hand and putting it on His penis. i feel the heat rise to my cheeks. “Do it like this baby.” He takes my hand showing me how to stroke His cock. Taking my hand and wrapping it around His shaft, He shows me how to stroke Him as i feel how hard He is becoming.

i hide my face a bit. “No baby, look at Me.” i look up at Him, feeling my cheeks become red. “How do you like Daddy’s cock?” i murmur a bit…”it’s nice Daddy.” i feel His hand smack my ass. “Speak up when you answer Me baby.” “i like my Daddy’s cock, it feels nice in my hand, and it’s getting harder Daddy.”

“What does your Daddy expect you to do when you make it hard baby?” Making sure i look at Him and speak loud enough for Him to hear me. “Daddy likes me to put His penis in my mouth and suck on it.” “mmmm My baby remembers well… Good girl.”

i start to move to do this but Daddy pushes me back on the bed. “Not yet baby, I’m going to make you beg to suck Daddy’s cock tonight.” He begins to pull at my nipples. It hurts a bit, but instantly i feel a stirring and i don’t want Him to stop. He kisses me and moves to my neck, biting me. His hand starts to move down my tummy.

“Has my baby been good and not touched herself?” my mind races, i think back over the last few days. “No Daddy, You told me i couldn’t.” His hand reaches my smooth pussy. “I see my baby has been keeping My pussy, just as Daddy likes it.” He moves His mouth down to my nipples and sucks one in, biting it. i jump a bit from His teeth around my nipple. His fingers finding His sweet pussy wet.

“My baby is getting excited.” i draw in my breath as He plunges His fingers inside me, and He rubs my clit with His thumb. A moan escapes my lips. His fingers probing, His teeth finds my nipple again. He nibbles on it, stopping short to suck in my nipple. my body jumps.

His fingers inside me, working His magic, my body curving underneath His hands. Daddy pulls back, slaps the inside of my thighs, “Open them wider”, grabbing a leg and opening them wider. “baby, do you know what this is right here?” His fingers are back inside me, stroking deep, upward. i shake my head no. “It’s what is called a G-spot, hows does it feel baby?” escaping my lips, in a soft voice full of lust now…”it feels really good Daddy.”… breathless.. i feel the wetness between my legs, Daddy plays me like His guitar. Strumming me, i feel His every chord deep in my soul. i reach for His cock. i feel how hard it is.

“Does baby want something?” i am lost in His fingers, His voice, the heat of His body next to mine. i whimper, i am putty in His hands. “What was that baby?” “i want to explode Daddy” “you mean you want to cum baby?” “oh yes Daddy, please may i?” “Yes baby, cum for your Daddy.” i release and explode with His fingers inside me, my pussy contracting around them.

i can’t take it, i crave to have Him inside me now. “Daddy please can i suck on Your cock?” His fingers feel like they are going deeper inside me, the heat i feel, i am consumed, and more than anything i want His cock in my mouth. i want to feel how hard it is, and i want to take Him deep into my mouth. “What’s that baby?” “please please Daddy i need to have Your cock in my mouth.” “mmmm My baby sounds hungry.”

Daddy lets me go, lays back and i immediately get down on my knees, taking His cock into my hands. i stick out my tongue and lightly lick the head of His cock. “mmmm baby is gonna tease me a bit? is that wise?” i softly suck on the head of His cock. He grabs me and pulls me over on top of Him. “I need to taste that lil sweet pussy of mine” Pulling my hips down onto His face. “Daddy loves when His baby lays on top of Him.” He pulls my pussy down onto His mouth, as His tongue starts to lick at my juices. i feel like a puddle.

i take His cock deep in my mouth as i feel His tongue plunge deep into my pussy. i feel my body start to tense again, and i can’t hold still. His tongue attacks my clit, and i feel a bolt go through me and i explode on His tongue. He starts licking my pussy up again. Sucking His cock, taking Him deeper inside, i swirl my tongue around His shaft. Daddy has trained me well, i know how He loves His cock sucked by His baby. Daddy is fucking me with His tongue. i can’t help but meet every thrust of His tongue.

i feel His fingers move, opening and exploring me. “What’s this baby?” i feel His fingers pressing, opening me… extremely shy now. i feel so small. Breathlessly i say…”it’s my ass Daddy.” “Whose ass?” i feel His hand come down on it. “It’s Your ass Daddy, You own it.” “What can Daddy do with that ass?” “Anything He wants” “That’s right and what does Daddy like to do with it?” i feel His hand spank it again. i feel myself getting wetter.

“Daddy likes to put His fingers in it, sometimes His tongue and He likes to put His cock in it, and fuck it.” “What does my baby like?” i reply softly, so shy when He asks me questions like this. “i like when You do all of those things Daddy.” “My baby is a naughty girl, good girl.” i feel His fingers go inside me again, getting them wet as He turns us onto our sides, He opens my legs wider, and i feel His finger start to enter my ass. i almost purr at this, i take His cock in deeper then. Sucking His cock, using my tongue, moving my hand with mouth, His cock in and out of my mouth.

His mouth finds my clit and sucks it in, swirling His tongue around, it’s like electricity going through my body. His finger fucking my ass. i can’t take it..”Daddy.. i’m going to cum..” “Give it to Me baby, i want it.” His pace goes faster and He is pulling at my clit. i am in a frenzy now as i explode and my body shivers and shakes. i say with urgency “Fuck me Daddy.” “My baby need fucking?” “God yes Daddy, i need Your cock inside me.”

Daddy flips me onto my back, pulling me to the end of the bed, throwing my legs over His shoulders, pulling my hips to the edge. He enters me, deep, taking Him all in. He leans forward, grabbing my hands pulling them above my head. i am pinned under Him as He is driving His cock deep inside me.

“Is this what you needed?” “Yes Daddy.” “you like fucking baby?” “Yes i do Daddy.” He is looking into my eyes. “How come?” i still feel bashful when He asks me these things. “Because it feels good Daddy.” “And you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you baby.” “Yes Daddy, i’m a naughty girl.” Daddy starts fucking me harder, deeper. my knees are touching my shoulders and my legs are bent up over His shoulders and He has my hands pinned above my head. i can’t move and i’m on fire.

He leans down sucks on my ear and begins to bite me, this sends me over the edge. i begin to cum and Daddy pumps His hard cock into me. He pulls out of me, releasing me and again flips me onto my stomach pulls my ass in the air, i feel something cool run down my ass. “Daddy’s gonna fuck His ass now.” i feel the head of His cock start to enter me. Daddy is slow and gentle and i relax as He strokes my back. He enters me more and i feel myself relax around Him, taking Him in. He goes deeper, until He fills me up. He holds me there, stroking my back. He begins to move inside me. Fucking my ass. He reaches up and grabs my long ponytail. and starts fucking me good.

“baby, reach down and play with your clit.” i do as i am told. “Feel good baby.” Again, i feel so shy. Because yes i love this, i love this closeness i feel with Him, and yet i feel so shy admitting it. “Yes Daddy.” i can’t seem to say anything more, as i feel myself getting ready to cum again. “I’m going to cum in this ass baby… right… now.” i feel Daddy fill me up, and i cum with Him. Feeling my ass clench around His cock. He leans down on top of me. Kissing my neck and back. Holding me. He says in my ear. “I love when my baby spends the night.”