Poetry to my Loving Master

Over the last year or so… i have written numerous poems to my Master… words of how i feel when i am with Him… how His love affects me… i use to write alot of poetry when i was younger and lost something over the years.. and it became hard for me to sit down and write anything… Master’s Love has inspired me and the words just come now… easily… guess He is my Muse *giggles*

Every word i write.. comes from the depths of my heart.. my soul… which He owns… so it makes sense that what i write is about Him and His amazing soul… He is beautiful … and the depth of His beauty is something that goes beyond what the eyes can see… i am truly blessed to see this depth of beauty He has… i am honored …

i love You Master and i am proud to wear Your collar for all to see… *s*

Your babygirl

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