New Beginnings

That’s what i want. i want to leave the past behind and move forward.

In the last month or so, i have walked out of a couple of friendships. One was with a long time friend from childhood, and the other was a long time online friend. Reasons for having done so? i felt empty. It began to feel one-sided, and i just stopped communicating. Easy? no, they were both dear friends for a long time. Common thread? both very narcissistic. i don’t have the energy for it anymore. The one from online loves drama, and i don’t want any of it, especially online drama. ugh i hate that crap.

So i decided i need new friends. i’ll admit, my dearest best friend, aside from Daddy, is a gay man. Frankly he fills all my girlfriend needs, we go shopping, we laugh, talk on the phone, you know all the things a girl needs and can’t get from the Man in her life. He really has been there for me like no other friend has. Yet, sometimes a girlfriend is nice to have.

i haven’t been here much. i have felt kind of lost and out of sorts. i want to get back on track. This weekend i want to reconnect with Daddy, get us back to our journey together. Our businesses are both booming and keeping busy, which is good. i am looking forward to some one on one time. Talk, reconnect, and have some wild sex.

Everyone has bumps in the road. mine just made me immobile for awhile, but i want to move forward. Get back to where we were. i love Daddy more than i thought i could love someone, and i don’t want to be held prisoner behind my walls of protection. Really those are more harmful then living and feeling. i’ve been down that road before, i’ve seen that side of things, i don’t want it. it’s a lonely place to be.

So i am going to start by posting some of my stories again. i think that’s a good start as any. Get away from negative energies.