my thoughts today~He Sets me Free~03.24.07

“He sets me free”

i was thinking about this the last few days… i know when i first heard it … my thoughts were… set me free? How can someone else having control over me set me free?

Well… i am beginning to fully understand that… Master has not taken control over me … i offered Him my submission as a gift.. He respects it and doesn’t abuse it… He treasures it … with that… treasures me…

He takes all responsibility for me… with Master i am able to explore so many things that i was never allowed to or ever even speak of such things to another… He does test me… push me … but it is completely different from the past relationships i have exprienced..

He loves me unconditionally… even when He punishes me… it is out of love… a deep love… and i know that at times it is really hard for Him to punish me…

This relationship has brought me such peace… on a level i have never felt before… He does not judge me… He does not riducule me… He does not belittle me… it is a bond i have never experienced before… i feel truly safe with Him… it has tamed something inside me… a fury… for lack of a better word… i feel at ease… and carefree… i am allowed to be me … There is training involved… but this is a necessity if i am to anticipate Master’s needs… He knows i am not perfect… but He is forgiving… loving… and is there for me like no other has been…

He really does set me free…. and i guess the only way i could ever understand it… was to give myself to Him….. and from there… Our bond has grown stronger each day…

the following is my poem to Master…. expressing my gift of submission to Him

my Gift

i kneel before You
Baring my soul
Stripped of all hiding places
Naked in my truth

i give myself to You
for You to shape and mold
Only wanting to please You

my mind, body, soul
my heart….are Yours
Yours for Your pleasure

The love You show me
Shines deep in my heart
Radiates from within me
Brightens my darkest day

With this love You share
i want to return it
Giving You as much pleasure
As You have given me

i give myself to You ….Completely

i love You.


Written with the deepest love for Master Sept/2006

i found this poem while surfing… author unknown… speaks of how i feel and many other submissives….

The Gift

she kneels before her lover’s feet and looks into His eyes…
searching for the truth she needs to see as she vows to Him her life.

Four packages lay on the floor all dully wrapped. she places the first gift,
wrapped in red, in the lap of the one she adores.

It is opened as quickly as He had won it … He views her heart inside.
It is Yours my Love, she whispers, and has been since the day we met,
my love for You is eternal… albeit ~ one day at a time.

she places the second gift in His lap, the paper is silver. He opens the
package A clear glass dome… A book.. Tell Me A Story.. Tis just my mind,
again she softly whispers, to do with as You will.. And a book of my thoughts
and stories.. i’ve written for You. she continues.. my mind is clear Master…
as this glass dome ~ i come to You by choice. I come to You in faith, humility,
in trust, and love.

The third one, a small satin heart shaped box, with tiny pearls on the top … she
watches as He opens the gift.. and sees the puzzled look upon His face… she
reaches forward, gently taking the empty box from His hands … softly she breathes
into the box… as she closes the box ~ quietly whispers… And now You have my
soul ~ for safe keeping… until our Heavenly Father calls me home. You were not
my first Love, as i was not Yours … but You will be my last Love… forever .. plus a day.

She bends to pick up the last gift … and trembles as she holds it. Small tears of
love run down her face. Quietly she whispers This gift has been the hardest. as she
places it in His lap… Opening the box He sees gold cord … Master, she whispers,
tilting her head and gazing into His eyes… her tears flowing freely down her cheeks…
i fully understand this is my last choice… i make it willingly… i make it joyfully… lowering
her eyes … with her arms outstretched crossed at the wrist… she says.. This gift is
more than just my love. It can’t be bought, it can’t be held ~ it can’t be wrapped… This gift is my
surrender… i am Yours.

~author unknown~

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