my Protector


He is Strong…
i can lean on Him
He will hold steadfast
Never letting me fall

As new doors are opened
That i pass through…
Holding tight to His hand
He never lets go…

He encourages…
Pushing me forward
Taking me to new heights
Never letting go…

i feel light-hearted
i feel free…
He pulls me to Him
Reminding me i cannot go far

i feel safe
Knowing no harm will come
For He will not allow
As i am His

i turn to Him
And He is always there
Guiding me… Pushing me
Loving me

i see in His eyes
Love… of a different kind
A deepness … that no One
Could come between

It is within this safe haven
Bathing in His Love…
Never letting me go far…
That i become… Everything He needs…