How It Starts is Important, but How It Ends is Critical.

online datingTo prove my thesis, I suggest surgery as an example. At its beginning, I find it prudent to have an anesthesiologist present, the instruments clean and a sober and competent surgeon on hand. How it ends is critical when that end might include a line like, “He’s dead, Jim.” How a date goes, kinky or not, is pretty much the same. Are you looking for a successful outcome, or are you cruising to explain to the captain that the ensign in the red shirt has had his ticket punched? Gentlemen & Ladies, aspects of your makeup are unique but reflected in the composition of another or others. It works against a successful match if you are not open about your preference for the Three Stooges to Aida. That is the body of a date, a relationship or a scene. Where and how are you connecting and are they good connections? If there was sufficient connection that the parties involved want to get together again, that is, by definition, a successful outing/scene and a positive step toward relationship. At the end of the date, does your partner(s) want a repeat or do they prefer to find and maim your family? This is a critical distinction. 20% of relationships now begin online. You need to act like a thinking adult and find some useful information before you meet Mr. Wonderful. Is he unavailable from 6pm to 10pm? Guess what! His wife goes to bed at 9:30. Does she seem too good to be true? No surprise; she is. You have to decide if what you feel is that new-relationship-smell or is there a façade that hides the romance and sensitivity of a Black Widow spider? Everyone, simply everyone, wants a good time and a fulfilling relationship and, by God, they want it NOW. Slow down, engage brain and try to survive. Remember: It’s the end that counts.