Hello again…


Remember me? my name is essence.

i am a Daddy’s girl. i am His submissive. i have alot of responsibilities with this too, along with the day to day life of trying to run my own business and raise 3 children. It can be challenging, very challenging, juggling everyone’s needs, taking care of the household, running my children about, taking care of Daddy, and on top of that, trying to make a name in my field of work in today’s falling economy, and helping Daddy start His business as well.

It’s all very scary, and it’s all very exciting at the same time.

Over the past month or so, i guess it has all built up in me and i had a meltdown, i don’t need to go into much detail about it but i am trying my best to come out of this. i fell under a blanket of darkness and not one that was good ; ) i forgot my place, i forgot alot of things and just let the blanket encompass me.

Daddy has been working very hard, and i felt neglected. i acted out badly. i deserve to be spanked. Truthfully, i want Him to spank me. i want it. i think i need it. i need my mind put straight.

Neither Daddy nor i are perfect, we make our mistakes. Communication is the key, no matter what kind of relationship you have.

i just wanted to come back and follow up a bit on what i wrote. Daddy read it and said it’s really sad. i don’t want to be sad, i felt sad, it isn’t a good time of year for me either. Memories of losing a very dear loved one come back and it was weighing on me. Some years, i can deal with it well, this year i miss this loved one very much, i always do but this year, i felt the need to have a connection with them. Even though they are not with me in life form, i know they are with me in spirit. i have daily reminders of them…. and i mean daily.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day i am hanging out clothes, and going to start on my cleaning. i want to start writing more here… publish some of my naughty stories that i have written over the years for my Daddy.

Daddy, i love You. Thank You for loving me… even when i am bad.

His girl always