girl, interrupted


Life has been hectic, Halloween came and went, costumes were adorable, my children were a hit, and yes i even dressed up with them. The week following… i had to rush one child to the Dr. and i am happy to say is doing much better, but 2 days after i got sick, puking… and all that fun stuff. Then i have been down with sinuses. i haven’t felt good for over a week now. yes… i am whining. lol

Daddy is busy with His business, mine has been slow… being sick hasn’t helped. i would love to find some work to do from home, to help fill in when my business is slow.

i have felt like i am going through the motions… day to day… doing what i have to do. i get up, make breakfast, deal with clients if i have any that day… take care of my kids, do housework and try to keep busy. i’ve gone back to reading alot of books to keep my mind occupied. i enjoy reading, but i feel lazy. Go to bed and get up and do it all over again.

i need to feel grounded, i feel a bit on edge or something, hard to explain. i want to get back to writing more again. The colder months are upon us, and i struggle with season changing, i need sunlight. i am realizing that i need structure, i need a schedule. i need discipline.

It’s late, i need sleep if i am going to kick this bug i have. more soon…..