DJ’s Glass Nirvana Black Vibe: Studded-Lover is Enlightenment-Friendly

DocJohnson presents the world’s first premium vibrating glass toys with the debut of its Glass Reflections line. The DJ Glass Reflections Nirvana Black Vibrator is a beauty to behold in jade black. The incredibly gorgeous toy is about 6 inches long, studded with three rings of glass pearls around the shaft, and looks as if it’s adorned with ice crystals. How sexy is that?

The Nirvana is a great introduction to glass vibrator toys for solo or partner play (or works as an introduction to glass toys in general). It is budget-friendly, takes only 1 AA battery to operate, and can definitely produce orgasms while switched off.

The Nirvana Black Vibe is a piece of art (something I love about all glass vibrator toys), and is definitely best-suited for vaginal penetration with an insertable length of 4.75 inches. It stimulates your pussy and g-spot with its three-speed vibration options, and will send you into orbit as you begin to fuck yourself with it. As an added-bonus, it’s also completely waterproof! Just make sure that the battery compartment is sealed securely before you jump into the shower or bubble bath with this stud.

I had fun thrusting it all the way into my pussy, then using my PC (aka Kegel) muscles to push it out tiny-bit-by-tiny-bit, and then pulling it back inside tiny-bit-by-tiny-bit hands-free. Yum. Talk about a challenge, a tease, and a good time all at once!

DocJohnson has a reputation for making quiet, powerful toys. The Nirvana Black Vibe disappointed me in what I found to be relatively weak vibration power (but I’m known to be a slut for toys like the Hitachi Magic Wand & my newfound love the Eroscillator 2). This vibe definitely does vibrate, and its vibrations nicely transmit through the glass to your flesh. It’s also whisper-quiet and can easily be used discreetly if you live with roomies or have small children at home and need to keep your pleasure-adventures top-secret.
The DJ Glass Reflections Nirvana Black Vibe is made of glass, as the name implies. More specifically, it is made of Pyrex (aka tempered-glass). It is smooth and glossy to touch, and relatively light-weight, except for the deliciously bumpy studs that adorn it in three circular rings around the shaft. The tip of the Nirvana Black Vibe has that missile/spade shape, making initial penetration easier and it oh-so-easy to tease yourself or your lucky lover(s).
If you or your love(s) are not into texture, then I suggest just using this toy as a vibe once inserted and not fucking with it, as the texture can get pretty extreme, leading to gushing, squirting and all that yummy stuff for those of us who like it fast and rough—or if you’re really anti-texture, this may just not be the right toy for you. DocJohnson has other glass vibrators in their product line with less intense texture that may work much better for you; check ‘em out!
The Nirvana Black Vibe glass toy is odorless and tasteless, hypo-allergenic, latex-free, phthalates-free, 100% non-porous, and totally body-friendly. It’s easy to clean with any universal sex-toy cleaner, wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol, or using soap and warm water. Your choice.
This fabulous glass vibrator by DocJohnson and sold by is compatible with your favorite water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based lube. (Just remember: oil-based lubes are not compatible with condoms. If you plan on sharing your sex toys with partners, we do recommend using condoms with them to help prevent the spread of infection, and just to make clean-up even easier.)
A neat tip about the Nirvana Black Vibe? You can place it in a cup of hot or cold water to increase sensation and add more spice to your playtime. The glass will hold the temperature of the water and bring the pleasure to your body. (Important note: Since this is a vibrating toy with a battery compartment and metal internal components, it is NOT safe to place this toy in the microwave like glass toys that are not vibrating toys. Avoid the freezer, too, please.)
If you’re having trouble tuning into the sensation that DJ’s Glass Reflections Nirvana Black Vibe offers because you’re so used to standard vibrators, try my trick—a little sensory-dep. I put on a black silk blindfold and within seconds I was feeling Nirvana much, much more intensely! Worked like a charm.
Since I’m such a sensation-slut, I threw in a butt plug which upped the vibration-intensity of the Nirvana lots and lots for me (probably because of the additional pressure). I also played interchangeably with the Eroscillator 2 and the Hitachi Magic Wand for clitoral stimulation, and combined with some fast and furious fucking, it didn’t take long for the Nirvana to show me that Enlightenment really does exist. Hallelujah.

(Safety note: This toy is not designed for anal penetration. It does not have a flared base. We do not want you getting hurt, or ending up in the ER needing to have this toy removed because it got stuck somewhere it didn’t belong. Have fun; play safe; be smart.) Thanks to for providing this toy to me to review; Click here to go get your own DJ Glass Reflections Black Nirvana Vibrator!