Dear Daddy

I know it’s been awhile since i’ve written You a letter. Especially now since we live together, and even though You are downstairs in the office, here i sit upstairs at the laptop. i just got done watching the movie P.S. I Love You. i felt the need to race downstairs and tell You but i felt the need to sit down and write it all out for You.

After watching this wonderful love story, i was moved to tears, tears of happiness that we found each other in this life. Yes i am a sentimental fool that can be moved to mush by the slightest sentiment.

i cherish what we have Daddy, more than i think i express to You. Life can take such turns that we are unprepared for, and i just want You to know how much i really love You. i am reminded of no matter how tough life gets, we are lucky to have the love that we found with one another. It is beautiful, it is unique and it can withstand all time. Every night when You crawl into bed and You reach for me and pull me into Your arms and hold me… the warmth i feel from You. And it is there that i fall into my slumber, peacefully in Your arms. i don’t ever want to take what we have for granted and i am grateful for each day that we have shared and for each day that i wake up in Your arms. i realize each day we have together is a blessing.

i am proud to be Your babygirl, Your lover, Your partner, Your soulmate….


P.S. i love You.