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October 2008
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About Me

my name is essence Master gave me this name when We first started exploring together i was not always a submissive woman or should i say i did not discover this side of me until i met the most wonderful Man i know. We met online almost 4 years ago i knew little of the D/s lifestyle We were first friends, talking for months… to meeting in real… becoming lovers. We've been living together for almost a year now.  i call Him Daddy.

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Diary of a Daddy’s girl

Master calls me essence… for i am the essence of His love… and He is the essence of my being…

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What You Give

Author: essence
11 26th, 2007


my Love, You amaze me
With the Love You show me
i feel Your Love within me
i carry it everywhere i go

i am in awe at You
The Strength You have
The Knowledge that You share
The Patience You give

i am truly blessed
i could not ask for a Greater Love
Yours is all i need
Yours is all i desire

i walk daily through this life
Missing Your touch
But then i remember
Your touch is forever
Embedded in my heart

A heart so full of love for You
A desire so driven for You
A passion ignited only by You
It runs deep for You my Love…

i await the day
When i will become One with You
One as God intended
For a Man and woman

i will give myself to You
For You to mold, shape
As though taking Your rib
and creating me as an Image of You

i am Yours my Love
You have changed me
Calming something inside
No One ever has

i know now
After all these years
Where i belong…
i am Yours my Love…
…for all Eternity…


Written with Love for Master November 15, 2006

Complete Love

Author: essence
11 15th, 2007


He draws breath
and i am drawn into Him
Never have i felt
such sweet intoxication
i drink in His love
it nourishes me
i blossom
i grow
i await for Him
to drink my sweet nectar

The way He looks at me
Sends my insides trembling
The way He kisses me
Makes me short of breathe
The way He touches me
Sends shivers down my spine
The way He loves me
Sends my heart to a place

its never known
Complete Love

Does He know just how much i love him?
He is my everything
He fullfills my every need
i want for nothing but
only to please Him

His love wraps around me
and protects me from harm
i feel warm and safe
awestruck by His passion
i am completely in love


Written with inspiration from my Master’s Love
September 2006

A Dream Come True

Author: essence
11 3rd, 2007

As i crawl into bed
Thoughts of You dance through my head
Grabbing my pillow tight
Holding it all through the night

Wishing it was You in my arms
Bringing me no harm
As i drift off into sleep
Into my dreams You creep

You take my hand
As You talk sweetly of our life plan
We talk of all the things we are going to do
And how they will come true

We share a love that is true and strong
Because of this, nothing could go wrong
A very special love
No one could ever rise above

From this dream i slowly awake
It is all there for Us to partake
For no longer are You the Man of my dreams
But a beautiful reality it would seem

As you take me into Your arms
Knowing i am free of any harm
No longer do i need to hold that pillow tight
For it is You i will be holding through the night


Written with Love for Master July 30, 2006

i am His

Author: essence
10 30th, 2007


He looks into my eyes
A smile plays on my heart

He reaches out to me
i am drawn into Him

He holds me in His arms
i melt into Him

He caresses me
my knees go weak

He kisses me
my insides begin to tremble

He whispers “you are Mine”
i answer with my eyes… “yes i am”

He takes my hand.. leads me to O/our bed
my spirit forever entertwined with His

He undresses me
my desire for Him is ignited

He lays me out before Him
i surrender myself to Him…

i know that i am His…. for eternity…


Written with deepest passion for my Daddy January 2006

10 19th, 2007


Taking her by the hand
Slowing undressing her
her hair falling around her face
His lips softly brushing her neck
Soft sighs escaping her lips

His lips finding hers
Softly tasting
He lays her out before Him
Inhaling her scent
She trembles with anticipation

He holds a red tulip
He brushes it across her lips
The softness of the petals
she feels the silkiness on her breasts
her nipples become erect

she feels His lips
In line with the petals
From one nipple to the other
she sucks in her breath
As tremors inside her begin

Tulips down her tummy
His lips following the path
Tulips brushing her two lips below
Silky sensations ignite
His lips are not far behind

His lips now on her lips below
Butterflies take flight in her soul
Her hips moving with His lips
A rhythm of passion
A song they’ve made their own

His lips possess her
Knowing she is owned
Moans escape her lips
While His lips take control
Over her two lips below

From her lips
His name escapes
In a moment of bliss
she is forever changed
By His lips

From her lips is a cry of passion
As His lips lost in desire
He softly kisses
her two lips below
As her lips whisper “i love You”

He moves up her body
His lips in a smile
The joining of their lips
Where she then tastes
her two lips from below

He takes her hand
Leaving behind
The place of such passion
The place of desire
But there lies…

The petals… of tulips…

Written from a beautiful memory… to my Daddy

Sweet Surrender

Author: essence
10 15th, 2007


Master reaches for me
i respond eagerly
He speaks to me
i obey zealously

His Lust beckons me
His Desire tantalizes me
His Passion seduces me
i abandon all else…

The sweetness of surrender
The grandeur of His Love
i am lost in Him
Lost in Our Love

The feel of His touch
Captivates my body
His lips on mine
He has captured my soul

i am His
His possession
Sweet intoxication
Lost in Our Ecstasy

Our bodies moving together…
Rising above all else…
Our spirits carrying out the Dance of Love…
United… Becoming One…

The fever between Us
The hunger for each Other
Our spirits knowing no limits

His Spirit encircling mine
Leading me on
A wave crashing inside
He rides it out…

Taking what is His…

The sweetness of my surrender…


Written with deepest passion & desire for my Master April 25, 2007

Forever Joined

Author: essence
10 12th, 2007

my Love…
Behold this heart
For it beats soley for You
Full of love, full of hope

This body… is Yours
For Your pleasure
For Your taking
It craves Your touch

This spirit…
Awaits to soar with Yours
To dance along the moonlight
Forever intertwined

This soul…
Is One with Yours
The essence of Our Love
Forever joined…

Hearts beating as One… forever joined…

Written with Love for Master Jan/2007


Author: essence
10 10th, 2007


He loves me unconditionally
A love i have never known before
He protects me..i feel safe
A feeling i have longed for

The love He shows me amazes me
i am awestruck by His passion
i crave His kisses
my body comes alive

Every essence of my being awakens
As He takes my hand
and We begin Our journey
The journey of Our life together

He ignites a fiery love within me
Takes me to new heights
my head in a divine haze
Taking me higher each time

The way He smiles at me
Entices my soul
As He teaches me how to love

He breathes life into this heart
A heart i thought would never beat again
A heart that is full of love
A heart that is His…and His alone.


Written inspired by Master’s Love October 2006

The essence of my surrender

Author: essence
10 9th, 2007

His touch tantalizes my soul
Leaving me breathless
my soul burning for more

Tempting me… leading me on
Desiring His Mastery
Unveiling all of me

His Love guides me
Leading me down a path
One i have never traveled

No fear… no doubt
Feeling safe… secure..
In His arms…

Immersed in His Love
Leading me to a new beauty

Striking my heart cords
Playing me like His guitar
Softly.. with meaning…
with Passion… Desire…

Becoming One with Him
Feeling the depth …
Of being Owned…
Sharing in the sweetness
the tenderness…

The essence of my surrender

June 24, 2007

my Protector

Author: essence
10 6th, 2007


He is Strong…
i can lean on Him
He will hold steadfast
Never letting me fall

As new doors are opened
That i pass through…
Holding tight to His hand
He never lets go…

He encourages…
Pushing me forward
Taking me to new heights
Never letting go…

i feel light-hearted
i feel free…
He pulls me to Him
Reminding me i cannot go far

i feel safe
Knowing no harm will come
For He will not allow
As i am His

i turn to Him
And He is always there
Guiding me… Pushing me
Loving me

i see in His eyes
Love… of a different kind
A deepness … that no One
Could come between

It is within this safe haven
Bathing in His Love…
Never letting me go far…
That i become… Everything He needs…


Written with the deepest respect and most passionate love for my Wonderful Master October 6, 2007…

You are all i ever want or need… i love You Daddy… Your babygirl