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October 2008
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About Me

my name is essence Master gave me this name when We first started exploring together i was not always a submissive woman or should i say i did not discover this side of me until i met the most wonderful Man i know. We met online almost 4 years ago i knew little of the D/s lifestyle We were first friends, talking for months… to meeting in real… becoming lovers. We've been living together for almost a year now.  i call Him Daddy.

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Diary of a Daddy’s girl

Master calls me essence… for i am the essence of His love… and He is the essence of my being…

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an email from Daddy

Author: essence
08 31st, 2008

Daddy has a new client, i was upstairs reading and well dozing on the couch. i texted His msn to tell Him i was crawling into bed, i was too tired to walk downstairs. He came to bed later, telling me i had an email from Him… “hmmmm what does it say?” “you’ll just have to read it…”

i awoke this morning came to my pc … i have email to check you know!

Daddy writes:

“Dear _______ (my nickname that He calls me all the time!)

Was working on _________ but my thoughts have been upon you. I love
us together… how we fit… how we accept… how we encourage… how
we help… how we make love… how we shower… how we are… I love
you baby”

*sigh* i love You too Daddy… so very much.

An Anniversay approaches

Author: essence
08 4th, 2008

The Days are fast approaching. The very first day i drove into Daddy’s driveway and went into His arms. The week that we spent together, hanging out, exploring one another, talking… oh we use to go for long walks and talk n talk and oh the orgasms! i am excited about our Anniversary this year, we won’t have any children with us. We both have work to do but i am looking forward to our time together. There is so much i recall during that first 10 days we spent together. As Daddy said “It was a perfect time.” And it was. i plan on writing more that week, remembering our week where i fell head over heels, lost completely. And it was after that week, that i came down to see Daddy once every 4 to 6 weeks for over 2 years. Daddy did come up here to visit me twice during that time too. Ultimately, He moved here with me, and i thank my lucky stars we found each other.

i love You Daddy.
Your babygirl always

Dear Daddy

Author: essence
07 31st, 2008

i know it’s been awhile since i’ve written You a letter. Especially now since we live together, and even though You are downstairs in the office, here i sit upstairs at the laptop. i just got done watching the movie P.S. I Love You. i felt the need to race downstairs and tell You but i felt the need to sit down and write it all out for You.

After watching this wonderful love story, i was moved to tears, tears of happiness that we found each other in this life. Yes i am a sentimental fool that can be moved to mush by the slightest sentiment.

i cherish what we have Daddy, more than i think i express to You. Life can take such turns that we are unprepared for, and i just want You to know how much i really love You. i am reminded of no matter how tough life gets, we are lucky to have the love that we found with one another. It is beautiful, it is unique and it can withstand all time. Every night when You crawl into bed and You reach for me and pull me into Your arms and hold me… the warmth i feel from You. And it is there that i fall into my slumber, peacefully in Your arms. i don’t ever want to take what we have for granted and i am grateful for each day that we have shared and for each day that i wake up in Your arms. i realize each day we have together is a blessing.

i am proud to be Your babygirl, Your lover, Your partner, Your soulmate….


P.S. i love You.

04 13th, 2008

(otherwise known as Daddy’s Birthday)

As a good lil girl, i of course asked Daddy “What would You like for Your Birthday Daddy.”

His response?

“Steak and BJ.”

“BJ? You mean blueberry jam Daddy?” -giggles His lil girl

Laughing “Yes baby that’s exactly what Daddy means…”

We had a nice dinner last night, (Steak) and went to see The Rolling Stones Shine A Light on the big IMAX screen. Awesome.

BJ — grins is all His lil girl has been doing today… In the morning.. in the shower… Afternoon… looks over at clock… time to get back on task

Happy Birthday Daddy

i love You with all my heart (which of course You own)

Your babygirl

An Anniversary

Author: essence
03 25th, 2008

1 year ago Daddy gave me this site… my first thoughts and reflections are posted here at that time we were living in different states, seeing each other once a month, usually for a week at a time. i reflect back on how hard it was for the both of us. The waiting and wanting between my visits, i felt as though i was going through the motions in those times. i felt i came alive when the day came closer for me to drive to see Him and how much alive when i went into His arms. It was all worth the effort. my taking off work, driving… i’d do it all again for my Daddy.

Daddy and i have known each other for over 3 years and moved here in November 2007, it is coming up on 5 months now that we have been living together. i can’t express how wonderful it is to be together, no distance, and our cell phone minutes are way down. (We’ve been able to have a lesser plan lol) We had talked for over a year of being together, and sometimes i still have to pinch myself that i am not dreaming and that it’s real… we’re real.

i realize since He’s moved in i haven’t been writing as much, i haven’t written any poetry in a long time. Life has been busy for the both of us. In someways we are still settling in to our life together. i hope to get back into writing more but frankly, now that Daddy is here i haven’t felt the need to be at my computer as much. i do my paperwork, check email, read a few blogs that i like and then do something else. Our life was not focused on the computer but on what it was away from the computer. It was an instrument in communication and i like what we are away from the computer so much more. Daddy always said “baby… we got the real deal.” We do and i am so grateful for what we are to one another and what we have grown into.

Daddy… i love You, You have made this broken girl whole again. Every so often a piece of me falls and You pick it up. i am such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful Daddy.

i am Yours in mind, body & soul… for eternity.

Your babygirl essence

Dear Daddy…

Author: essence
11 26th, 2007

i know we have been super busy with You moving in and the Holiday Season now on us. i realize i have not been taking care of Your property as i said i would. my eating habits got bad and i got out of my routine of exercise. This is all going to change…

This morning when i woke up i thought today… TODAY! i am going to get back into the swing of things and stay on this. So i got up, did my stairstepper, got out my leg weights and worked out. It felt sooooo good. i must say Daddy… having that new mp3 player worked out great too. Thank You so much for Your continuing Love, Kindness, Guidance, Strength … i am by far the luckiest lil girl around… i have the best Daddy anyone could hope or dream for.

So i promise to shed those few pounds i took on… and get back into perfect shape for You. i want nothing more to please You.

i love You
Your babygirl

Dear Master…

Author: essence
11 9th, 2007

We just hung up from our nightly talk and before i going to sleep, i felt the need to sit down and write to You. i know You won’t be able to read this until after You arrive here, as all Your things are packed in the truck.

It is hard to believe that in less than 24 hours You will be arriving here. With You, all Your belongings, moving in with me. i am so happy, words cannot express the joy my heart feels. i must say, i still pinch myself and have to remind myself… “no you are not dreaming… this is FINALLY going to happen.”

Daddy i know as i write this… You are sleeping. Getting rested for the drive tomorrow, Our last night without each other. As You said just a bit ago on the phone… “baby, tomorrow night I will be sleeping next to you, waking up with you… and every night after that.” A smile has not left my face, it is You that i want to serve, and take care of. It is Your feet that i want to kneel before, Your lap i want to lie my head in… It is You that i want to give myself to each and everyday, taking care of Your every need.

So much has gone through my mind these past couple weeks since You left here and started packing to move back. Over the last 2 1/2 years of our relationship, it has all lead up to this moment. i remember that wonderful day i drove up and our eyes met for the first time… i love hearing You tell of it. Saying how my face was glowing, smiling at You. i remember You meeting me at my car, reaching in, pulling me out and into Your arms. All the times after that i drove to see You, and You coming here.

Daddy, the memories of our journey together are so beautiful. It has not been an easy journey for us, long distance, is never easy. As our bond grew stronger, deeper, the distance between us was only that of miles, Our hearts remained as One. i have a huge smile on my face at all the memories that were coming back to me this week, the memories of our relationship growing into what it has today. The laughter, the tears, our quiet times, each visit bringing us closer, and yes, the love that blossomed into something bigger than either of us imagined.

So as i crawl into bed tonight, alone for the last time, awake knowing that it will be the day You arrive… i will be waiting Daddy, with open arms and my heart wide open… Where the next chapter of our life begins…..

Please be safe Daddy… as i have asked my Guardian Angels to watch over You as they would me…

Come Home to me safely…
Your babygirl awaits You arrival

i love You with all my heart.. a heart that is Yours… and Yours alone

Your girl forever

Dear Master…

Author: essence
10 13th, 2007

it is a cold morning… one of those mornings We would just curl up and snuggle together… i miss those times… the warmth of Your arms around me. i feel so safe… protected… so loved. Feeling You just close to me gives me such excitement… such comfort.

i look forward to our next time together… as i know it just brings us closer to when we will be together for good. As You always tell me… “one day closer baby…” Do You have any idea how i crave You Master? i literally ache for Your touch… my lips yearn for Your kisses… and every sense of my being is alive when i think of You.

i look back at our first year together… we were so new to one another but the connection was so strong even then… i wanted to rush right into things… You kept reminding me patience… to relax… i see now what such patience can do. It has opened up our relationship into a whole new level… the patience allowed things to grow and strengthen… into something so beautiful. It overwhelms me sometimes… our bond. i will sit… like now… and think… WOW at how we are together. i can’t imagine how my life was before You. You describe it best… when we are apart… it is like we are in the beginning of Dorothy’s journey… Kansas… black & white… and when we come together… it’s like when Dorothy opens that door to Oz and it’s all in color and alive… beautiful… vivid. Believe me i keep clicking a pair of ruby red slippers together and saying there’s no place like home over and over… You are my home Master… (sighs it worked for Dorothy!)

Each time we are together Master… our bond grows in a new way… it truly amazes me. But mostly… how You love me… Your kindness.. gentleness.. tenderness… well… i am in awe of the love You give. i am one lucky girl. i am so grateful.

Kneeling before You… kissing Your feet… wrapping my arm around Your leg… laying my head in Your Lap… i am at home Daddy… and i am so in love with You.

Your babygirl

Dear Daddy…

Author: essence
09 27th, 2007

In about 24 hrs or less i will be in Your arms… i can’t wait… i have missed You so… longed for You… craved You… over the last few weeks… i find myself deeper in love with You (again) it amazes me how this bond we share has grown… deeper… stronger… after 2 yrs… it just keeps growing more and more… it amazes me at this new level we have gone too…

i can honestly say i have never felt closer to any one person in my life… this new level we are entering is showing me the depth of Your love for me… and the depth of my love for You… and how unconditional it really is… it’s incredible… and truly i am in awe… my desire and need for You has deepened… i love You more and more… it just keeps growing… and my submission to You as well…..

i can’t wait to see You Master… i will hardly sleep tonight with anticipation.. for tomorrow night i will be Yours… in every sense of the word…

You are my Master… my Daddy.. my Lover… my Best Friend… my Protector… my Mentor… my Everything… and i am in awe….

Proudly wearing Your collar…
Your babygirl

my Dearest Loving Master..

Author: essence
09 17th, 2007

i miss You… i crave You.. i hunger for You… when i crawl in bed at night.. it is You that fill my thoughts… it is then that i imagine Your arms pulling me closer to You… spooning me… Your voice whispering in my ear… “I love you baby… you are everything to Me…” i find You sexy… erotic.. so strong.. so loving.. so passionate… i could never imagine another… i am bound to You for life my Love… i only want You….

i am Yours…. forever in this life and beyond…

Your babygirl forever