an email from Daddy

Daddy has a new client, i was upstairs reading and well dozing on the couch. i texted His msn to tell Him i was crawling into bed, i was too tired to walk downstairs. He came to bed later, telling me i had an email from Him… “hmmmm what does it say?” “you’ll just have to read it…”

i awoke this morning came to my pc … i have email to check you know!

Daddy writes:

“Dear _______ (my nickname that He calls me all the time!)

Was working on _________ but my thoughts have been upon you. I love
us together… how we fit… how we accept… how we encourage… how
we help… how we make love… how we shower… how we are… I love
you baby”

*sigh* i love You too Daddy… so very much.

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