An assignment


i sit here today… thinking about Daddy… missing Him. We will be together soon… we try to see each other once a month.

He has given me a new assignment… well actually it is one that has been ongoing since we first met. He has always said “I want you to be the best lil cocksucker…” i love sucking His cock, giving Him pleasure. He has been training me in this area for a very long time. i want to be the best too. To hear Him say “mmmm baby that’s nice… I like that, remember that move”, excites me more than i can express. The fact that He will instruct me on what feels good… communicate with me, well its nothing like i’ve had with anyone before. i love the openess we share.

Are most men shy to tell their partner what does and doesn’t feel good? Do some just think we should just know what to do? What feels good for them? This is all new for me… to actually have someone that will talk to me during … letting me know what they enjoy. So my task from Daddy right now (before He visits) is to study… read all i can on cocksucking. i so want to make Him proud… gives me such pleasure.

Now i must go do some reading *s* Daddy will be visiting in exactly 9 days.


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