An Anniversay approaches


The Days are fast approaching. The very first day i drove into Daddy’s driveway and went into His arms. The week that we spent together, hanging out, exploring one another, talking… oh we use to go for long walks and talk n talk and oh the orgasms! i am excited about our Anniversary this year, we won’t have any children with us. We both have work to do but i am looking forward to our time together. There is so much i recall during that first 10 days we spent together. As Daddy said “It was a perfect time.” And it was. i plan on writing more that week, remembering our week where i fell head over heels, lost completely. And it was after that week, that i came down to see Daddy once every 4 to 6 weeks for over 2 years. Daddy did come up here to visit me twice during that time too. Ultimately, He moved here with me, and i thank my lucky stars we found each other.

i love You Daddy.
Your babygirl always