An Anniversary

1 year ago Daddy gave me this site… my first thoughts and reflections are posted here at that time we were living in different states, seeing each other once a month, usually for a week at a time. i reflect back on how hard it was for the both of us. The waiting and wanting between my visits, i felt as though i was going through the motions in those times. i felt i came alive when the day came closer for me to drive to see Him and how much alive when i went into His arms. It was all worth the effort. my taking off work, driving… i’d do it all again for my Daddy.

Daddy and i have known each other for over 3 years and moved here in November 2007, it is coming up on 5 months now that we have been living together. i can’t express how wonderful it is to be together, no distance, and our cell phone minutes are way down. (We’ve been able to have a lesser plan lol) We had talked for over a year of being together, and sometimes i still have to pinch myself that i am not dreaming and that it’s real… we’re real.

i realize since He’s moved in i haven’t been writing as much, i haven’t written any poetry in a long time. Life has been busy for the both of us. In someways we are still settling in to our life together. i hope to get back into writing more but frankly, now that Daddy is here i haven’t felt the need to be at my computer as much. i do my paperwork, check email, read a few blogs that i like and then do something else. Our life was not focused on the computer but on what it was away from the computer. It was an instrument in communication and i like what we are away from the computer so much more. Daddy always said “baby… we got the real deal.” We do and i am so grateful for what we are to one another and what we have grown into.

Daddy… i love You, You have made this broken girl whole again. Every so often a piece of me falls and You pick it up. i am such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful Daddy.

i am Yours in mind, body & soul… for eternity.

Your babygirl essence