A polygamous heart?

i’ve been thinking about this of late. What defines someone as being polygamous. Is it someone who has the capacity to love many openly and honestly? Or is it someone who doesn’t get what they need from just one person and needs numerous others to fill them up?

i read many blogs online, few i really comment on. i read of those that are poly, i read of those that are the secondary to a primary that doesn’t even know there is a secondary. Is that polygamy? To me that seems more of someone that is cheating. They can’t be honest and they hide and sneak. i don’t believe that to be someone that is poly at all.

i guess if someone isn’t getting what they need from their significant other, they need to be honest and communicate these to them. Rather than seek it out elsewhere, and well if they can’t do that, they should walk away from that person. Just my opinion. i don’t believe someone who sneaks, lies and cheats to be poly. Some just can’t commit, and it’s the thrill of lying and sneaking that’s the nature.

Daddy & i did have one experience with another couple. It was hot in it’s own way. It was exciting to experience together. It was something we mutually agreed upon and so we did it together and it was something that didn’t involve emotions. it was purely a sexual experience. i’m not sure what that falls under, but it was a something that perked our curiousity, we talked openly to each other about it. We both wanted to experience this and we then moved forward with it. Would i do it again? i can’t say yes or no, it’s not something i think about a whole lot. i reflect on our experience and i will say the time after that, i never felt so close to Daddy. it definitely bonded us closer and i think it was due to the fact we were so openly honest about wanting this experience, moving forward together and sharing it together.

i don’t believe i am not one of a poly nature though, and i don’t think the experience we had made me ever think i was poly but i have cheated in the past. Both times it was because i was not getting what i needed from my relationship and i will state, i wanted out of that relationship. i do regret my actions, for cheating before i left. i should have left first but that is in the past and i can’t change it. Those days are over for me really, i want stability, i want comfortable and i was security. i want honesty, trust and value on my love.

i for one, would rather have them leave me, then to lie and cheat on me. i’m worth more than that, and if someone can’t value that, then walk away. Don’t waste my time and let me move forward and find what you need elsewhere.