a girl gone quiet

I haven’t felt like writing much… a thought will go through my head when i’m away from my pc and i think o0o i should write about that… then i sit down and my mind goes blank. i’ve posted a few HNT pictures, i have been enjoying that, there is a bit of an exhibitionist in me… ummm always has been. i was notorious for flashing my boobs in my younger years, but being that i work very much with the public and i have children, the girls have been contained. lol Telling Daddy some of these stories always makes my face go red, He always calls me a naughty girl.

Daddy & i had an anniversary a few weeks ago, the first time we ever laid on eyes on one another, and the anniversary of my collaring. i tried to sit down and write about the first time we met, but again, i just couldn’t put it into words. i recall our first week together over and over, how we just fit together so beautifully. It’s hard to believe that we finally found each other.

We’ve both been working hard on our businesses and helping each other out. He works through the night sometimes on a project, while i need my sleep for the type of job i do. He works at home too, which is nice because if i can’t sleep, i can come down to the office for some cuddles and kisses. He’ll come to bed with me if i’m having a bad night, because He knows i sleep better with His arms around me. i love that about Him, how He wraps His body around mine, spooning me and off to sleep i go. Feeling safe and mostly loved.

Another reason i haven’t written as much is that it’s been summer, kids home more, it’s not easy to sit down and write what’s in my head when i have children wanting and needing my attention. Part of it too is this was how we communicated, pc & phone. Now that we live together, i haven’t wanted to sit at my pc or even talk on the phone. Summertime i get antsy too, i prefer to get outside, but now that summer is winding down, my business is going pretty good, and Daddy’s is picking up quite nicely. i hope to fall into more of a routine and not feel so chaotic somedays.

Daddy & i are doing well, i still have the occasional bout of insecurity, anxiety, but i am learning to talk through it more and more with Daddy… but y’know i am a woman and once a month it’s just hard to listen to anyone’s reason but my own. lol not that i enjoy that either, it just sucks all around.

time to get some things down around here….