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July 2008
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my name is essence Master gave me this name when We first started exploring together i was not always a submissive woman or should i say i did not discover this side of me until i met the most wonderful Man i know. We met online almost 4 years ago i knew little of the D/s lifestyle We were first friends, talking for months… to meeting in real… becoming lovers. We've been living together for almost a year now.  i call Him Daddy.

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Diary of a Daddy’s girl

Master calls me essence… for i am the essence of His love… and He is the essence of my being…

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my first HNT!

Author: essence
07 31st, 2008

Enjoying a whirlpool


Dear Daddy

Author: essence
07 31st, 2008

i know it’s been awhile since i’ve written You a letter. Especially now since we live together, and even though You are downstairs in the office, here i sit upstairs at the laptop. i just got done watching the movie P.S. I Love You. i felt the need to race downstairs and tell You but i felt the need to sit down and write it all out for You.

After watching this wonderful love story, i was moved to tears, tears of happiness that we found each other in this life. Yes i am a sentimental fool that can be moved to mush by the slightest sentiment.

i cherish what we have Daddy, more than i think i express to You. Life can take such turns that we are unprepared for, and i just want You to know how much i really love You. i am reminded of no matter how tough life gets, we are lucky to have the love that we found with one another. It is beautiful, it is unique and it can withstand all time. Every night when You crawl into bed and You reach for me and pull me into Your arms and hold me… the warmth i feel from You. And it is there that i fall into my slumber, peacefully in Your arms. i don’t ever want to take what we have for granted and i am grateful for each day that we have shared and for each day that i wake up in Your arms. i realize each day we have together is a blessing.

i am proud to be Your babygirl, Your lover, Your partner, Your soulmate….


P.S. i love You.

Sugasm #142

Author: essence
07 29th, 2008

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My First Time (with a Home Pregnancy Test)

07 24th, 2008

Driving with Daddy, He looks over at me… “baby you excited?”

“i am Daddy, i am wondering what You have in store for me.”

“I think you’ll be pleased baby… you know I always take such good care of my baby.” He winks at me, shivers go up and down my spine.

We pull up to a hotel, Daddy takes my hand and we go in. We get up to our room, a beautiful room.

“baby I’d like You to dress up for your Daddy.”

i love doing this, i love seeing the pleasing look on His face. i put on a sexy lil black dress, black thigh highs, a black sexy thong, no bra, black heels. Putting my hair up curls framing my face. Daddy loves this look.

“baby, you look so sexy, turn around… let me get a good look.”

i turn slowly… Daddy has a look of hunger in His eyes and i am instantly wet.

A knock on the door, Daddy goes to answer it, a beautiful brunette enters the room. Daddy smiles at me, i know i have a curious look on my face.

“This is my baby, take good care of her.”

He sits down in a chair, the brunette walks over to me. Looking me over.

“Sir, Your baby looks very beautiful tonight, i will take good care of her.”

she reaches up and brushes the curls from my face. Daddy has turned on some music, she starts to move taking my hand, pulling me close, dancing slow with me.

kissing my neck… softly… she kisses me… her hands running down my back, pulling me close. she reaches down pulling my dress up. i feel her fingers against my panties, pressing against my cunt.

“Sir Your baby is very wet.”

“Yes she does have such a wet pussy… she tastes better than honey”

her fingers slip in, my breath pulls in. she is kissing my neck. her lips follow my shoulder line, a strap from my dress falls off my shoulder. my breast is revealed… she kisses down to it…and she runs her tongue around my nipple. it becomes very hard. she pulls my dress down more, she cups my breasts kissing from one to the other… moaning.. i arch my back a bit. my dress drops to the floor and i am standing in my panties, thigh highs and heels.

she takes my hand leading me over to the bed. she lays me down on my back pulling my thong off. she instantly goes to my pussy, running her tongue around, flicking my clit with her tongue. i moan with pleasure… i see Daddy watching… this excites me more.

“Sir… You were right she does taste better than honey…”

“Make my baby cum.”

she goes back to licking my pussy, slowing… probing with her tongue. then licking up to my clit sucking it, running her tongue around it.

“My baby loves her ass played with too.”

i feel the heat rise to my face, embarrassed that anyone would know this. i feel her finger go in my ass. as she licks back up to my pussy.

“baby, I want you to cum” i feel myself build up, my body tensing. “NOW baby.” i can’t hold on as she is licking my pussy, fingering my ass, i cum hard…

“mmmmmm good girl… that’s My baby…”

“Now I want you to fuck my baby” she goes over to her bag and takes out a strap on… she comes back over. “baby suck it like it’s your Daddy’s cock” i do as Daddy says. “Get it good and wet so she can fuck you…” Taking it into my mouth, like it was Daddy’s cock, worshiping it like i worship Daddy’s cock.

she lays me back down. opening my legs, stroking my inner thighs, i quiver and puts the cock in my pussy. slowly entering teasing me.

“That’s it. tease My lil slut, make her want it.” she continues to tease me… slowly letting it enter me, just the head and pulling out. i moan, wanting more.

“baby, beg for her to fuck you. Tell her how much you need to be fucked.”

“please, please fuck me, let me feel that hard cock inside me, i need to be fucked.”

“Give My baby what she needs.” finally she enters me, and starts fucking me. she leans down and starts kissing me. our nipples toying with each other… my legs go wider. she is fucking Daddy’s baby good and hard now.

“baby… ride that cock” she rolls to her back and i slide down that cock and begin to ride it. we are both moaning. she reaches up and squeezes my nipples, i reach down to hers. i ride her faster. Daddy gets up and comes over, He takes out His cock.

“Suck your Daddy’s cock”

It’s so hard, Daddy is enjoying this, which excites me more. i take Daddy’s cock in my mouth, as i ride her. He takes His cock out of my mouth and starts to fuck her mouth with His cock. she moans, i feel her body tensing up. she begins to cum.

Daddy gets up, moves behind me, leans me forward. moaning, squirming a bit as He starts to finger it.
“baby whose ass is this?”

“It’s my Daddy’s ass”

“And what can Daddy do with this ass?”

“Anything He wants.”

“baby want her ass fucked?”

Again heat rushes to my face. softly i whisper “yes Daddy”

He pulls my hair back. “Ask Me to fuck that ass.”

“please Daddy, please fuck my ass.” He slowly enters my ass, as Daddy is always gentle with His baby.

moaning, the 3 of us fucking, she holds me and she starts kissing me, fucking me with her strap on as Daddy is fucking my ass. my body begins to tense up and i feel a huge wave beginning to build in me, as that is what it feels like to me, a wave that is about to crash down.

“baby cum, i want that cum” i let go, letting that wave crash down in me and cum hard and that wave keeps crashing down and my body is shaking. the girl is holding me, kissing me softly, whispering in my ear how beautiful it was to watch.

“Now suck the cum out of Daddy’s cock”

we both kneel before Daddy, kissing each other, licking and sucking my Daddy’s cock. Daddy lays back on the bed. i take Daddy’s cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around as i know Daddy likes, i feel His hand in my hair, pulling me down deeper. she starts licking Daddy’s balls.

“Take that cum baby.” Daddy’s cum shoots into my mouth, and like a good girl. i open my mouth and show Daddy.

“Good baby… now swallow it…” i do as Daddy says…

Curling up together, i know i am loved. i know i am cared for. i know i am safe.

i am my Daddy’s baby.

Hello again…

Author: essence
07 19th, 2008

Remember me? my name is essence.

i am a Daddy’s girl. i am His submissive. i have alot of responsibilities with this too, along with the day to day life of trying to run my own business and raise 3 children. It can be challenging, very challenging, juggling everyone’s needs, taking care of the household, running my children about, taking care of Daddy, and on top of that, trying to make a name in my field of work in today’s falling economy, and helping Daddy start His business as well.

It’s all very scary, and it’s all very exciting at the same time.

Over the past month or so, i guess it has all built up in me and i had a meltdown, i don’t need to go into much detail about it but i am trying my best to come out of this. i fell under a blanket of darkness and not one that was good ; ) i forgot my place, i forgot alot of things and just let the blanket encompass me.

Daddy has been working very hard, and i felt neglected. i acted out badly. i deserve to be spanked. Truthfully, i want Him to spank me. i want it. i think i need it. i need my mind put straight.

Neither Daddy nor i are perfect, we make our mistakes. Communication is the key, no matter what kind of relationship you have.

i just wanted to come back and follow up a bit on what i wrote. Daddy read it and said it’s really sad. i don’t want to be sad, i felt sad, it isn’t a good time of year for me either. Memories of losing a very dear loved one come back and it was weighing on me. Some years, i can deal with it well, this year i miss this loved one very much, i always do but this year, i felt the need to have a connection with them. Even though they are not with me in life form, i know they are with me in spirit. i have daily reminders of them…. and i mean daily.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day i am hanging out clothes, and going to start on my cleaning. i want to start writing more here… publish some of my naughty stories that i have written over the years for my Daddy.

Daddy, i love You. Thank You for loving me… even when i am bad.

His girl always