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February 2008
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About Me

my name is essence Master gave me this name when We first started exploring together i was not always a submissive woman or should i say i did not discover this side of me until i met the most wonderful Man i know. We met online almost 4 years ago i knew little of the D/s lifestyle We were first friends, talking for months… to meeting in real… becoming lovers. We've been living together for almost a year now.  i call Him Daddy.

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Diary of a Daddy’s girl

Master calls me essence… for i am the essence of His love… and He is the essence of my being…

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my Wonderful Daddy

Author: essence
02 27th, 2008

Thank You for coming into my life, for giving me a shoulder to lean on, giving me strength. For showering me with such unconditional love, for Your patience … For bringing joy back into my life.

For being You.

i love You with all that i am… and all that i am becoming…

i am the luckiest girl… i have never felt so loved, protected, so grounded with Someone. You are what i have searched for all my life.

i am Yours forever my Love… bound to You forever.

i love You Daddy
Your girl

Daddy meets Dad

Author: essence
02 5th, 2008

So this past week my Dad was here on business. We got together one evening… First time my Daddy met my Dad. LOL funny typing that out!

my Dad is someone i haven’t always had the best relationship with, i was closer to my Mom. But Dad has been there for me through some really difficult times since my Mother passed away. i love my Father and He is in a very happy place right now… He is in love and it’s really wonderful to see.

i had a few of our friends ask “Are you nervous?” No, neither of us were nervous, i told Daddy this is perfect my former life blending with my new life. my Dad is about the only contact i have of extended family, so it felt right that they would finally meet.

my Dad was eager to meet my Daddy (of course i don’t call Him Daddy in front of anyone). It went pretty well. They didn’t get a whole lot of time to talk to each other as my children were with us as well, but my Dad leaned over and whispered in my ear at one point

“sweetheart does He make you happy?”

“Oh yes He does, very much so.”

“Then i am happy for you dear, you deserve to be happy now… we both do. I just don’t want my daughter to get screwed over again.”

“Dad you have nothing to worry about, He is very protective over me, takes wonderful care of me, i feel like finally i know what is is like to have a healthy, loving relationship.”

my Dad hugged me tight that night when we said our goodbyes… Daddy shook His hand saying it was a pleasure to meet Him, as my Dad said the same thing.

Dad called me saying He wished His stay could have been longer, but He was looking forward to coming back this summer and seeing us. He said He looked forward to getting to know Daddy more too.

At one point in the evening i just kind of stopped and took in my whole surroundings… Looking at my Daddy with the kids, my Father there, i was filled with pride… This THIS is my family… and it is absolutely wonderful to have them all together…

i feel like i have finally come home after all these years… oh i know there will still be ups and downs, challenges, life’s way of letting you know… hey get your head out of the clouds… but right now… it’s perfect.