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December 2007
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my name is essence Master gave me this name when We first started exploring together i was not always a submissive woman or should i say i did not discover this side of me until i met the most wonderful Man i know. We met online almost 4 years ago i knew little of the D/s lifestyle We were first friends, talking for months… to meeting in real… becoming lovers. We've been living together for almost a year now.  i call Him Daddy.

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Diary of a Daddy’s girl

Master calls me essence… for i am the essence of His love… and He is the essence of my being…

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12 27th, 2007

… especially to that lil girl inside that never had Christmas as a lil girl.

This is an emotional year for me. The emotion i feel is utter joy. i have spent the last 2 Christmas’ with my Daddy. This is will be our 3rd year together but the first year we have spent the Holidays together in “Our” Home.

It’s been an incredible Holiday.

Daddy knew of my childhood… but yet i still protect some parts of it. Tears glisten in my eyes as i tell Him of how much i missed in being a child… it is the softness that i see in His eyes that soothes my inner pain. That lil girl has stood on the sidelines for years, trying her best to make Christmas seem like something she really knows of… when in reality she knows nothing of it.. but bits n pieces that she picks up from stories she has heard from others.

she musters up happiness, smiles for her own children as they grow… acting like she knows the joy they feel in their hearts as a child to see that tree shining… and presents galore… she does her best to make their Christmas’ the best ever. As she knows what it is like to have no Christmas at all. she showers them with love, and gifts, but inside that lil girl is not really knowing what it is like. she sees the excitement in their eyes, this brings a smile to her face, a warmth in her heart… she lives through their joy and that lil girl inside is excited, and full of joy.

This year… this lil girl has had Christmas for the last 6 weeks since her Daddy arrived. He has showered her with gifts but more than that… He has showered her with love and attention… but there is more… so much more… This year, thanks to my Daddy, my children would not have had much of a Christmas. It is His nature to give without expecting in return… to give for the joy of giving … to see someone smile. To give unselfishly… and not expect one thing in return.

It is because of Him that i see that Christmas is about having the ones you love around you… and to make them smile. It is with Him that the smile i feel in watching others open gifts grows deeper… for giving of an unselfish nature is truly what Christmas is about… to someone who could least expect it.

Thank You Daddy for showing me the spirit of Christmas can shine in all of us… even a lil girl who never experienced it… until now.

The love You give me is all i could ever want or need.

i love You Daddy… i am Yours completely.

Merry Christmas Daddy.
Your babygirl

Sugasm 110

Author: essence
12 22nd, 2007

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Author: essence
12 14th, 2007

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Author: essence
12 13th, 2007

This is a post i have been working on for a few days now. Daddy & i have had numerous conversations about D/s and it’s relation to BDSM.

Can you be one without the other?

We are definitely D/s, but BDSM? Ok, so BD (blush), i am finding i love being in His bondage, i feel complete surrender in that. And my surrendering is also a huge turn on for me.

SM? we are not, He does not want to hurt me, and i don’t find any pleasure in it either. So i… well we have always wondered… does a D/s couple have to be into BDSM? We have read alot of online blogs, etc. and it seems most D/s couples are BDSM. Now granted i understand some are completely into that, it’s not for everyone. i understand the whole contract between two people and consensual, it’s just not for Daddy & i. i find pleasure in giving myself to Him, for His use, when He wants. i definitely know i am not a pain slut. We have read other blogs, seen pictures, and we definitely know that is not us. i am not knocking anyone that is… it’s just not us.

Each couple has to find their own way, what “fits” for them, doesn’t matter if they are vanilla, D/s, Top/bottom. Everyone is different. We seem to work very well with how we are.

Does this make me any less submissive because we aren’t into pain?

No, it doesn’t. The worth of my submission is really in value to my Daddy… it is His.

Maybe He isn’t as strict with me like some Dom’s are with their subs, i might have more freedom than others but truly we found a perfect fit… for us. i do ask for permission on things where in previous relationships, i would not have. It was never defined, but it always seemed somewhere along the line it was something taken from me, expected of me without any discussion. Something changed and without notice to me, somehow i was a disappointment. Now i have someone that will communicate with me, and i admit there are times i retreat as i am not use to it, but i am working more and more at this.

We are definitely Daddy/babygirl, i do look up to Him more than i have any other man. No punishment, as in spanking or otherwise could amount to the disappointment i see in His eyes for something i have done. He encourages me, Mentors me, Protects me and Loves me… more than i have ever experienced before… and oh yes… He spoils His lil girl and not just with buying me things, but with His love & affection, and for me, that is truly how i have always wanted to be spoiled.

So again, i ask…

am i any less submissive because we are not into SM?

Which brings up another question…

Is there anyone out there like us? Are we rare?

An Erotic Picnic

Author: essence
12 6th, 2007

Daddy asked me to write an erotic story… so a g’girl does as Daddy says!

“baby.. It’s a beautiful day, let’s go for a picnic today. Pack us a nice basket.” He takes me to a remote place, along a river, an area that doesn’t look like many pass by. i spread out the blanket and open the basket. i had packed some fruit, cheese and a bottle of nice red wine. i give Daddy a glass of wine. We toast to us and our past, present and our exciting future.

Daddy leans over… kisses me softly, “baby… You know what Daddy wants now.” i undo His pants, and take His cock out, i lightly run my tongue across the Head of His cock, slowly i lick His cock. Sucking the Head into my mouth and doing a figure 8 with my tongue… softly sucking. i feel Him getting harder, and i feel myself getting wetter.

“Daddy… i think i see another couple watching us” i become very shy and stop. “Don’t stop baby. We are enjoying ourselves. If they choose to enjoy us.. then so be it..” i had to admit… it excites me to know another couple is watching me suck Daddy’s cock”

i return to my Daddy’s cock, hard & beautiful. i slowly start fucking His cock with my mouth moving my lips around His cock… running my tongue around His swollen Head with each stroke of my mouth. i relax and open my throat for Him to enter… swallowing as He loves me to do. “mmmm nice baby..” His hands go to my hair pulling me all the way down His cock.

He stops me. “baby… take off your shirt.” i do as i am told. i gently caress myself, cupping my breasts, pulling at the nipples… looking at my Daddy. i peek over at the couple, watching us, not sure if they know We see them there or not, not caring, as i am so turned on.

“Shorts off baby” i stand up, pulling them off. He reaches up my thighs, finding His sweet pussy, wet and waiting for Him. Caressing me… teasing me… because He knows how i crave His touch. The more He teases me.. the more my passion and desire mount. i want Him to stick His fingers inside of me… i NEED Him to finger me, but He doesn’t. Instead He pulls me down. He lays me out on the blanket, spreading my legs open… He draws in my scent… “mmmmm Daddy’s desert.”

i feel His breath warm, over my cunt, it seems to be alive. i get chills of excitement knowing how close He is, i can feel Him but He’s not touching me. my want for Him increases. i am craving Him to taste me. He kisses my pussy lips, softly… i jump with anticipation. He teases me, feeling His breath on me. His soft kisses, He cups my ass, raises it a bit and plunges His tongue inside. i moan loudly, out of the corner of my eye, i see the couple. He has His hand in her shirt, they are enjoying this….

i moan. Daddy’s tongue feels so good. He goes to sucking my clit, this drives me wild, everything has built up in me from His teases, my passion is like a wave now. my body tenses, i’ve rode the wave for as long as i can but i can’t hold on. It’s so intense, this wave rising up inside me. “Daddy… i’m going to cum…” “Cum baby… i want it…” And like a wave crashing onto the shore, i cum hard.. my hips moving up and down with my Daddy’s mouth. Moans escaping my lips.

i look over at the couple, she has dropped to her knees and is sucking His cock. Daddy smiles at me, winks. This is all so erotic, exciting, to know we arouse such desire in another couple.
“baby… ride Daddy’s cock..” He lays down and i climb on top of Daddy. i slide down slowly on His cock, feeling how hard He is. my cunt wraps around His cock. moaning… i begin to ride Daddy. “fuck it baby ” i start fucking Daddy. We see the other couple as He bends her over and starts fucking her. i grin at her as she is being fucked. i lean down kiss my Daddy’s lips, He smacks my ass. “Ride Daddy’s cock.” He reaches up and pinches my nipples. Another wave has built up inside me, rolling fast to it’s destination, i ride it out again waiting for Daddy to tell me to cum, lost in this ride. “baby needs to cum again…give me that cum NOW” i cum hard, as i do, i hear her cries of lust.

But i am not finished…

i slide off Daddy and go between His legs and i lick my pussy juices off Daddy’s cock. i lick His cock clean.. soft kisses around, licking it clean. i begin sucking softly moving my tongue around His head, my hand around His cock moving with my mouth now. Sucking Him in more, deeper… into my throat again. We notice she is sucking His cock too…

i go back to sucking softly on His head… moving my mouth up and down His cock… sucking … fucking His cock with my mouth… wanting my Daddy’s cum… how i love the taste of my Daddy… i crave Him… “baby hungry?” “mmmm yes Daddy… very…” “want Daddy’s cum…” “mmmm yes Daddy…please…” “then fuck it… take Daddy’s cum…” i take Daddy deep into my throat, in and out. We can hear the other couple as He cums in her mouth. i am so turned on now, hungry for Daddy’s cum, i want His cum… “i’m gonna cum in your mouth baby, take it.” Daddy explodes in my mouth, i eagerly take His cum, swallowing it.. but not wanting to let go of Him yet.. “baby.. baby…” pulling me up.. caressing me. We see the other couple, they smile at us, wave and walk away.

“Well baby that was quite the interesting picnic.” i smile at Daddy as we get ready to head back home… as i wonder if anyone else was watching.


Becoming a girl again

Author: essence
12 2nd, 2007

i have gone through many phases of my life. i was a bit of a tomboy growing up… i had older brothers… i had sisters too. Older sis was more of a tomboy than myself and a younger sis who was very much a girl lol i held many different job titles too. i was in the corporate world for a period of time… dressed to a T. The nails, hair.. shoes that matched every outfit. After that job, i didn’t want that life. i got rid of all the “clothes”… and the shoes… all the high heels i owned… gone.

i’ve been a casual girl for a period of time… well and then there was a period of time where i gained weight… amazing how stress & grief can take you over. i look back on that period of time and it’s a blur. Who was that person?

i went back to school…

A light turned on in me and i wanted to start anew. i got a degree, lost weight, but i was very comfy in my jeans and rock & roll tshirts lol oh i still am too. i love to just lounge around in my jeans etc. but then…

i met Someone…

Another light turned on in me… A light that was burnt out for a number of years. Now… i find myself wanting to dress up for Him. To be a girl… to be sexy… desirable. He tells me “baby you are.” and i am. Even in my jeans & rock tshirt lol. This is different for me though. i find myself attracted to the high heels again. i find myself lingering in the lingerie dept. i want to be a girl. His girl completely.

i had a wedding to go to a few weeks ago. Daddy & i went shopping for a dress. i only own a few sundresses but nothing formal. i got one that really complimented my figure. i wore stockings and heels! High heels! i felt so sexy.

i had a Christmas party coming up. Daddy told me to go shopping for an outfit. i wanted a nice pair of black slacks, as i could wear them for work as well. i got a gorgeous suit, but i couldn’t decide, between the jacket or the sweater, i got both lol i found these pair of boots, oh how i missed boots, black up to the knee, heels. i tried them all on for Daddy, He liked them. Which of course gave me great pleasure to see His approval. Then i went and took off the clothes… leaving on the boots, with just my black bra & thong on. Standing in the doorway … Daddy sees me. He grins. Excitement goes through me. and i feel sexy… alive… free.

You see… He is the One that has turned on that bright light in me. That has made me come alive again. That has opened this door for me to express and explore that very sexual side of me that has been closed off for so long…. Frankly that has never been opened before really..

He makes me want to be…

a girl again…

i love You Daddy
Your girl